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Create desire with cutting-edge product brand design

Whether bold and minimal, rich and intense, or something a little different, the Threerooms design team will find a style that’s right for you. By first reviewing the marketplace and competitor offerings, our team is able to identify opportunities for brands to stand out. Combined with our deep understanding of the product USPs, we’ll find a unique voice for your brand. We design product branding that brings your unique story to life.

Packaging & label design of a product

We’ll provide you with dozens of product label & packaging designs for the price of one, produced within few days by our network of pro graphic designers. You then get to choose your favorite one, and further refine it too if you’d like!

Brand Identity Design to Craft a Powerful Brand

Get a complete brand identity design package that includes custom Logo, business card, envelopes, Letterheads, and even Social Media cover design. Brand identity is an essential part of any company that means business. it’s the image your brand makes on people, without a word spoken.

Our product branding agency takes the time to understand each and every business we work with, including the products, customers, and market, so that every design decision is justified. A good brand can make the difference between success and failure.

Everything you need to launch your new product brand

From logo and packaging design right through to marketing and promotion, we have the expertise and experience that you need. If you require a new logo, we’ll craft it with care. If you need packaging design, we’ll work with you and your manufacturers to create something memorable and unique. For the all-important launch, we’ll be there by your side.

Beyond the initial brand identity design, we can support you on a whole range of marketing objectives, from website design and development to your launch campaign, or the design of effective marketing communications, including photography, promotional brochures, social media campaigns, sales presentations, or display graphics for events.

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